About Wasoukan

Wasoukan was founded by Noriyuki Ikeda and we have five stores throughout Japan. Our kimono boutique and matcha café in London’s fashionable Westbourne Grove is our first venture overseas – the first of many, we hope – and was started as a result of the interest aroused when Noriyuki Ikeda travelled around Europe wearing traditional Japanese dress.

As well as producing and selling traditional kimonos, made by highly skilled craftsmen to the same design and using the same fabrics that have been employed for nearly 1300 years, Wasoukan has recently started exploring new directions for these venerated garments, with the appointment of exciting young Japanese designers like Ikuko Kato.

In Japanese, Wasoukan is written ‘和想館’. Comprised of three kanji characters –和 (Japan), 想 (thought, idea, concept), and館 (house) – Wasoukan translates as house (or, in our case, shop) of the Japanese approach to living.

The kanji character for Japan (和 – wa) means harmony. Wa is an essential and defining cultural concept for the Japanese and the key to everything we do at Wasoukan.

Noriyuki Ikeda
Wasoukan’s founder and CEO