The philosophy of matcha and the Japanese tea ceremony

Tea ceremony is written in Japanese “茶道”. “茶” is tea. “道” is way. What purpose is this way? This way is a means of connecting to the mind of universe. The tea ceremony is understood as having the same purpose as meditation. The purpose of meditation is connecting to the mind of the universe through sitting quietly. The purpose of the tea ceremony is same.

Originally matcha was drunk only in China. When monks would meditate, they would drink matcha afterwards to wake themselves up.

In the 12th century a Japanese monk named “Eizai” went to China to learn about Buddhism. He discovered matcha and brought it back to Japan in 1191. In Japan the way of matcha was developed. About 300 years later, a monk called Juko Murata started the way of tea ceremony which is basis of modern tea ceremony style. Juko hung the calligraphy which a higher level monk drew on the wall. And through holding the tea ceremony, he developed to practice meditation at the same time.

For example, host wipes all the tea equipment with special cloth called a “Fukusa”, and through wiping the utensils, the host purifies his mind at the same time. When his mind is completely clear, he can hear the voice of the universe. He is able to feel at one with the voice of the universe.

The universe is all-powerful. So when we hear the voice of universe we can live without disappointment, we can live brightly, cheerfully, vividly and bravely.

Guests are also calmed while watching tea ceremony and drinking matcha.

The mind of tea ceremony is sometimes said “和敬静寂” (Wa-kei-sei-jaku). “和” (Wa) is harmony. “敬” (Kei) is respect. “静” (Sei) is clean. “寂” (Jaku) is calm. Other way saying this is that purpose of tea ceremony is training to feel these four minds deeper and deeper.  

The activity of making tea as host and drinking matcha as guests will enrich the minds of both.

Matcha is made from tea leaves. The tea leaf has elements which prevent aging. Matcha is made in the following way. First, the tea leaf is dried, and it is milled to powder. This powder called matcha. And we melt the matcha in hot water and drink. European teas or other types of Japanese tea are made by filtering the tea leaf. But as matcha can be driven the tea leaf directly, so matcha gives us higher nutrition. So, it is said that matcha can keep us younger and healthy. Matcha is the best of all kinds of teas.

At our matcha bar, we play tea ceremony to each order. When a customer orders matcha, we wipe the tea utensils and make the customer’s mind calm. Then we make a cup of tea for each customer.

Through consuming a cup of tea, we hope that customer will become healthy in his body and his mind. Through serving tea, we hope that the Japanese philosophy which believes that harmony is more important than individuality will spread wider and wider, and atmosphere of the world will become calmer and calmer.   

I look forward to welcoming you to my matcha Bar.

Always thank you,
Noriyuki Ikeda
Wasoukan’s founder and CEO