New Collection

Our New Collection includes traditional kimonos and haori, plus new takes on these venerated garments, dresses, tops and jackets. It combines the best of ancient traditions in Japanese textile craftsmanship and contemporary design. 

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Traditional Kimono

Kimono are traditionally made of silk, silk brocade, silk crepes (such as chirimen) and satin weaves (such as rinzu). Japanese silk fabrics are known for their wide variety; there are different kinds of silk fabrics produced only in certain area of Japan. Chirimen is one of the most popular fabrics used and is a thick, heavy silk crepe, a crinkled fabric made by the weft threads being kept tighter than the warp threads during the weaving process. Weft threads are twisted as they are woven, resulting in a crimped, uneven texture.


Furisode (振袖) literally translates as swinging sleeves and is the most formal kimono for unmarried women, with colourful patterns that cover the entire garment. They are worn at coming-of-age ceremonies (seijin shiki) and by unmarried female relatives of the bride at weddings.


Hōmongi (訪問着) literally translates as visiting wear. Characterized by patterns that flow over the shoulders, seams and sleeves, Hōmongi may be worn by both married and unmarried women; often friends of the bride will wear hōmongi at weddings and receptions. They may also be worn to formal parties.

Kimono Dress

With its simple and elegant silhouette, this dress combines the sumptuous print detail of the kimono with effortless style of a wrap dress.

Eba Dresses

Eba (絵羽) is a pattern that flows across seams so that the garment looks like one large canvas. Our eba dresses are made from a kimono with the panels rearranged into a dress shape. What differentiates this dress from other dresses of a similar shape are the authentic traditional Japanese details such as the collar and, of course, the gorgeous pattern.

Eba Haori

This unique haori jacket is made from the rearranged pieces of a kimono. The refined silk material and Yuzen dyed pattern represent the coming of spring, which is fitting as this exclusive and highly original range of haori jackets combines the traditional and the modern in a totally innovative and fresh way.

Komon Dresses

Komon (小紋) means fine pattern. The term refers to kimonos with a small, repeated pattern throughout the garment. The pattern is applied to the fabric using several different techniques, such as stencil dyeing (型染), shibori (tie-dyeing, 絞り), and bin-gata (紅型). This style is more casual and may be worn around town, or dressed up with a formal obi for a restaurant. Both married and unmarried women may wear a komon.

Komon Haori

Komon haori (小紋羽織) has a fine pattern, repeated throughout the garment. The komon pattern is less formal than the eba (絵羽) pattern, and being more casual it can be worn every day and combines well with modern western clothes.

Kantoui Series

Traditionally worn by the Japanese for over 1800 years, kantoui (貫頭衣) are considered an early predecessor to the kimono. Made from two rectangular fabrics woven by traditional Japanese loom, the kantoui fabric closely resembles the kimono’s. Kantoui design is historically zero-waste and features the same beautiful, detailed patterning the Kimono is known for. Comfortable, easy to wear and versatile, kantoui styles range from casual fashion to formal wear.

Currently, we have four different types of kantoui available. – Kantoui Dress, Kantoui Dress (full-length), Kantoui Top, and Loop Top.

Kantoui Tops

Loop Tops

Kantoui Dresses

Kantoui Dresses (full length)

Kimono Jackets

These elegant, visually stunning notched lapel jackets represent east meets west. They are made from kimono fabric and feature traditional Japanese dyeing techniques such as Yuzen and stencil dyeing.

Switched Sleeve Haori

This totally unique take on the haori, the traditional Japanese hip- or thigh-length kimono-style jacket, combines the casualness of the short haori jacket and the elegance of the gorgeous obi-belt., creating an entirely new style from traditional elements.

New Style Kimono

Modern kimonos are widely available in less-expensive, easy-care fabrics such as rayon, cotton sateen, cotton, polyester and other synthetic fibres. Our New Kimono and New Haori are made from high quality from polyester. Comfortable, hardwearing and machine washable, this fabric is ideal for the demands of modern life.

New Style Haori